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Behavior Standards


Arrival and Departure of Students

It is important for all students to arrive and depart from school at the scheduled times.  Students should arrive to school on time every day. Morning drop-off should be no sooner than 7:45 a.m. (7:35 a.m. for students eating breakfast). You may drop-off your child on Nubia by the front gates using the “Circle Drive” (bus lane).  Please have your child ready for drop-off and direct him/her to immediately enter the campus. We have parent volunteers wearing vests assisting with the drop off zone.  You may not watch your child enter the campus from the “Circle Drive”.  Please ensure students are ready to leave the car. Goodbyes, organizing backpacks, etcetera, slows down the process. As you pull into the circle drive, you must pull up to the next available space in the drive. You must exit as soon as your child leaves the car and it is safe. Please remember you cannot turn left out of the driveway after dropping off your child.


If walking with your Students you should use crosswalks at all times.   Please make certain that your child enters the school through the front gate. Please do not crowd the main entrance to the school, as this causes much congestion and can potentially cause accidents. Parents are welcome to wait with their child in the front of the school before school begins, however, once the bell has rung, parents are not permitted to walk their child to their classrooms without signing in at the office and obtaining a visitor’s pass.  At 7:50 AM. The inside gate will be open so STUDENTS can line up.  Students WILL BE MARKED TARDY IF THEY ARE NOT WITH THEIR CLASS BY 8:05. 


Entering the school through the parking lot is not permitted and is unsafe.  If your child arrives after class begins, he/she must be cleared in the main office before going to class.  Arriving at school on time is also very important for your child’s education. Children who are tardy miss the school announcements, the beginning instructions for morning lessons, and disrupt the class when they arrive late.  


At the end of the school day, all students should be picked up at the time that their bell rings.  If you need to pick your child up from school before dismissal time, please sign your child out in the main office.  To assist parents and students with easy access to the campus during dismissal time, the front gate of the school is open.  To ensure enforcement of school rules and/or safety of the students, the school has the right to keep the gates opened and/or locked at its discretion. To ensure a safe, quiet and orderly environment for all students, we request that parents and other adults waiting for children to be dismissed from school must do so at the front of the school.  Parents and other adults are not to be on campus waiting for children.   Do not block gate exits which allow easy access for students to see adult and for their safe release.

Classes are in session until 2:40 and should not be interrupted. 1st-6th grade students will be dismissed at the front gate by the office.  Trans. Kidgn & Kinder  students will be dismissed from their classrooms.


Any kinder student not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal will be escorted to the office. An adult will need to come in and sign the student out. Kinder students are only released to adults.


Primary grade students may not wait for an upper grade sibling without parental supervision.  Reminder to parents:  Since upper grade students are still in school, primary students may not use the playground after they are dismissed, even if a parent is present.  After dismissal, upper grade students are expected to go straight home and not loiter on school grounds.  Also, the bus lane is used by busses or to drop off students.  You may not leave your car unattended in the bus lane.  Do not use the staff parking lot for parking, dropping off or picking up your child.  It is not safe!   Dropping off or picking up students in the staff parking lot or leaving your car unattended in the bus lane are subject to tickets by the police.


Attendance and Absence Reporting

When a child returns to school after being absent, he/she must bring a note signed by a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence.  Absence excuse forms are also available in the office.  It is important that students come to school every day.  It is the parents’ and the students’ responsibility to make up missed work.  Students with perfect attendance throughout the year will be acknowledged at the end of the year assembly.  Please note that the school is required to report the names of students with excessive absences to the Office of the Deputy District Attorney.  Vacation is not an excused absence.


Three early releases and/or tardies are equal to one absence.  In addition, any student having a combination of arriving to school late and/or leaving early for a total of 3 times will not qualify for an At School-Everyday-All Day and On Time Award


Your child’s attendance in school each day throughout the school year is extremely important for two reasons:

  1. Your child has the best chance of being successful in school if he/she attends school every day.
  2. Our school and school district loses money every time your child is absent, whether it is excused or not.


According to California state law, an excused absence would include illness, a medical appointment, a dental appointment, and a funeral for a close relative.  An unexcused absence would include vacation, staying home because of rain, missing the bus, staying home to care for younger children, and parent illness.  In the event of an absence, please call 962-3311 ext. 6903 or 962-8512 to report it.


Students with severe attendance problems will be referred to the Abolish Chronic Truancy (A.C.T.) Program.  A.C.T. is a parental responsibility program sponsored by the District Attorney’s Office in partnership with school administrators and teachers. A Deputy District Attorney has been assigned to Pleasant View School to track students with attendance problems and address the issue of excessive absenteeism/truancy.  If problems are interfering with the ability of a child to attend school, the District Attorney and the school will attempt to find community resources to assist in overcoming these problems. As a last resort, if the student’s attendance remains unsatisfactory, A.C.T. will file a criminal case to hold the parents accountable.  The maximum penalty is a year in the county jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you notice an attendance error on your child’s report card, please report the error to the office.  Once the trimester ends errors cannot be corrected.