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Behavior Standards

Computer Lab

Computer Lab Rules & Procedures


  1. Follow directions
  2. Be careful not to bump the computer desk
  3. No Running
  4. Throw away your trash
  5. Before you step away from the computer be sure to put headphones back on monitor
  6. Do not stand up while having the headphones on your head
  7. Leave gum, candy, food and drinks outside


  1. Don’t be moving Monitors up and down or left and right you could unplug monitors.
  2. Don’t stick your fingers into the computers.
  3. Before you start pressing the power buttons please double check to make sure computers and monitors are not on already by moving the mouse or pressing the space bar on keyboards.
  4. Don’t press the two buttons that are on the side of the computer.
  5. Keep cords out of your mouth. 

When You’re Working

  1. Sit on chair properly
  2. Use both hands to type
  3. Hands on your own keyboard and mouse
  4. Don’t touch monitor screen 

If you have a Problem or Emergency

  1. Raise your Hand
  2. Don’t yell for help
  3. If you have to use the restroom, let your teacher know before you go
  4. If you have to sneeze, get a tissue from the desk and wipe your nose and wash your hands

When on the Internet

  1. Stay on appropriate websites.
  2. No Email.
  3. No Chatting sites such as Facebook etc. 
  4. Never give out personal information.
  5. Ask permission before trying installing ANYTHING! Don’t just click “yes”!

If you Stumble on Something Inappropriate

  1. X out immediately and tell your teacher what happened.
  2. Don’t call your friends over to see whatever it is.

When It’s Time to Go

  1. Close out all open programs.
  2. Log off computers, or if you’re the last class for today shut down computers and monitors.
  3. Push your chair in.
  4. Place Headphones back on monitors.
  5. Throw away your trash.