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Behavior Standards

Discipline Policy

School Behavior Policy

At Pleasant View we believe that all students and staff have rights and responsibilities at school to maintain positive character. One of our major goals will be to assist students in the development of self discipline with regard to individual responsibility and respect for the rights of others. We hope this is also a goal you emphasize at home as you help guide your child to adulthood.

All students must follow school rules, complete all required work, and respect the authority of all Pleasant View staff members. The Board of Education shall have the power, and it will be their duty to expel pupils for misconduct when all other means of correction have failed to bring about proper behavior.

Continued willful disobedience, open and persistent defiance, of the authority of the teacher, habitual profanity, fighting, and the possession or use of weapons, alcohol, or any other controlled substance on school premises are cause for suspension and/or expulsion from school. Any damage, graffiti or fighting in the restroom will also be grounds for automatic suspension. While on suspension a student is not allowed to attend any school activity or be on the school grounds.

Pleasant View Norms for Success

Everyone - Everyday - Everywhere 

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Think creatively and outside of the box. Communicate your ideas with the group. All perspectives are welcome and accepted.
  3. Maintain an environment conducive to learning. Ensure the classroom, workspace, and campus are free of clutter and trash.
  4. Listen carefully to others and respect one another’s point of view.
  5. Be a problem solver. Be part of the solution and not the problem.
  6. Be engage and actively be present. Be an equal participant.
  7. Speak positively and respectfully about students, staff, and parents. Lead by example and model integrity.
  8. Be attentive and refrain from carrying on side conversations.
  9. Put cell phones on silent. Refrain from texting during meetings and instructional time.

  10. Be open minded. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

I Can-You Can-We Can - No Excuses!

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